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    A little bit over a month ago the server was closed for a re-launch, and throughout that period of time I was dealing with personal issues and thus the progress was heavily delayed. I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be ready to release the server again but the good news is that I’ll start working on the server slowly and I will re-launch it as soon as I can. Budget is an issue I have right now so I’m not sure if having an F-top will be viable at this time, however if the monthly donation goal is reached then I will implement F-top again. I unfortunately don’t have anything big planned for the server, it will mostly stay the same due to the limited time I have to work on it. I am still dealing with personal problems but that’s life. I was actually on the verge of selling Ekakary but I thought why not try a couple more times, after all I’ve invested a lot of my time and money on it and it would suck to just let it completely die out.

    I’ve been stressed about things, and some of them are directly related to the server so I’ll share those (obviously the non-related ones are staying private):

    • Budget - Running the server is quite costly and I’m losing a lot of money from it, my goal was to break even but I always end up in the negatives. I don’t have a big budget to get enough exposure for the server so that it would have a stable player-base (aside from the core players, you know who you are :emoji_ok_hand:).

    • Workload - I spend a lot of time on the server and seeing my effort go to waste just stresses me out, I have to find a right balance between my activities in life and sometimes I find myself spending too much time on the server - mostly being idle and stressing about the smallest of things.

    • Getting scammed - I got scammed, and it was one of the most stressful thing I’ve experienced, it’s still affecting me to this day but I am slowly moving on from it. A lesson surely took from it is that some people will be assholes and do shitty things - and you can’t do anything about it but move on.

    • Failed advertisements - This one is related to the budget, since I have a rather low budget I can only do certain advertisements every now and then and unfortunately for me none of them have been effective, which sucks.

    That’s about it, thank you for reading :emoji_kissing_heart:

    "Ekakary isn't dead, it's just on a hiatus right now as Jet deals with her inner demons."

    (yes I referred to myself in third person)

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